Eating Outside Food Raises Risks of High Blood Pressure

Eating Outside Food Raises Risks of High Blood Pressure

The very first research to exhibit the connection between eating food from outside and blood pressure has been released in the American Journal of Hypertension.

The hypertension or high blood pressure is the major risk for cardiovascular disease which may lead to death. In case of hypertension, the higher pressure of blood pushing the walls of blood system, the more the heart needs to pump, lead to heart failure and cardiac attack or stroke. People who have hypertension will also be at elevated risks of high blood pressure, kidney failure, aneurysm and stroke.

Risks of high blood pressure linked to food habit

About 70 million adults and two million children in America are suffering from hypertension. In the past, researchers have found that eating foods from outside which are not homemade is connected to having a greater consumption of calories, unhealthy fats and salt – eating habit considered to involve in raising risks of high blood pressure.

To check out whether eating at restaurants could therefore be connected with hypertension, the experts behind the new research interviewed 501 teenagers aged 18-40 who attended college in Singapore. The research gathered info on the students’ risks of high blood pressure, BMI (Body mass index), lifestyle, physical exercise levels and just how frequently they eat at restaurants.

Record research into the data demonstrated that:

  • 27.4% from the students had pre-hypertension
  • 49% from the male participants and 9% from the female participants had pre-hypertension
  • 38% from the students ate above 12 foods out each week.

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