Disease and Medication

Vaccines for Children: Why Your Child Needs Vaccines

Vaccine When bacteria enter into the body, the immune system identifies them as unfamiliar and foreigner substances (antigens). After that the immune system creates the appropriate antibodies to battle against the antigens. A vaccine basically includes destabilized or dead types from the antigens that create health problems or disease. Which means that the antigens cannot […]

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E-Cigarettes: E Cigarette Health Risk and Safety Issues

Electronic Cigarettes Electric cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are battery powered products made to turn nicotine along with other chemicals right into a vapor. However, as an alternative to burning tobacco, they often consist of tubes full of nicotine along with other chemicals. Once the e-cigarette is used, the liquid chemicals in the cartridge are converted into a […]

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Hormone Therapy For Breast Cancer

According to the review data from two Women’s Health Initiative clinical tests discloses the different results of hormone therapy for breast cancer with time. The final results are released in the journal JAMA Oncology. Hormone therapy used to be considered the conventional strategy for women suffering menopause signs and symptoms. It relates to using medicines […]

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